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About Us


Bahour Company was established in 1995 in Sulaymaniyah, a leading city in oil and petrochemical industries that has always been considered to be Iraq hub market for commercial and industrial activities. Since being established, Bahour Company has been supplying electrical equipment and supplements of Sulaymaniah refineries. In line with the developments in oil industry, the company has expanded its activities all around the region. Due to foreign investments, Bahour Company has had the opportunity to be a supplier in an international scope. Over the years, it has had a chance to outline new strategies and break into the industrial market with a systematic and specialized outlook. Bahour Company has gained the trust of the best-known brands in the world and it has become their exclusive or non-exclusive representative in Iraq. Throughout the years, several brands have put their trust in the company and its capabilities. Thanks to effective collaborations, not only has Bahour Company dominated Iraqi professional and electrical market, but it also has demonstrated an absolute reliability to its domestic and international partners. As a result, some of our relations with the companies worldwide have extended for more than a decade. That is to say, along with the professional performance of the company, we have become one of the main suppliers in the market of Iraq.


Advertising Department

What makes a business successful in the modern world is advertisement. Investment in advertisement has made Bahour Company a big name in the professional market of Iraq for industrial electronic components.

International Department

Regarding the fact that an international trading company requires a reliable international department with highly-skilled staff, Bahour Company has always employed motivated and qualified employees. Over the years, the company has become a professional distributor in the market. Because of the experience and proficiency of the team in our International Department, we have been able to gain the trust of well-known and famous companies in various countries.

Sales Department

We believe that a great trading company needs powerful partners, responsible to dominate the local market. In line with that, Bahour Company has formed a close partnership with different companies in the same field. The collaboration and shared experiences of the companies have made each one of them a professional distributor in the region. They have turned into great names in Iraqi market with high control over the underlying mechanisms in the market.

Technical Department

Knowledge is the key to success and it distinguishes a trading company from other ones. This fundamental insight is the cornerstone of Bahour Company in its activities. It has encouraged us to form close relations with engineering companies in this field and also recruit professional staff in the Technical Department. Having an experienced and highly-educated team in this department has allowed us to provide the customers with efficient support service for facing and resolving technical issues.


Being a pioneer in introducing, supplying and distributing distinctive and high-quality products in the field of industrial electronic components in accordance with the culture and personality of each customer as well as offering the best technical solutions and efficient services.


With about three decades of experience in supplying the electrical equipment and industrial electronic components of Iraq, Bahour Company always strives to adopt standard procedures and new methods for serving different industries in Iraq. It keeps increasing the value created for the company through several interrelated ways, such as completing its chain of activities, diversifying homogeneous products, using appropriate, integrated and trustworthy networks, developing the SEO of the website, taking prompt actions, making wise choices, meeting the needs and expectations of the customers, recruiting professional and qualified employees, constant training of the staff, having a wide range of items in the product portfolio, offering services according to the requirements of the customers, becoming the official representative of reputable brands, satisfying various needs in the market, etc.


  • Fuse
  • Capacitor
  • Encoder
  • Diode
  • Thyristor
  • IGBT
  • Resistors