General Trading(L.L.C)

About Us

Our lifelong philosophy has been tied to high-quality products; we are able to support our customers at crucial moments by providing them with products which are rare and hard to find. Our experienced sales engineers besides our expert technical team have the requisite knowledge to meet your needs. Our customers’ satisfaction is the integral part of our philosophy.

Company History

Established in 1995, Bahoor Trading Co. has been playing a vital role in importing and distributing electrical and industrial automation devices throughout Iraq. Our head office is located in Sulaymaniyeh and the customers around Iraq can have access to us easily; you can send your requirements and have the solution from our side at the earliest possible time. Fulfilling our commitment to our customers, we are working in different industries as below:

  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Drilling
  • Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper and Aluminum
  • Glass, Rubber, and Cement
  • Railway Transport and related industries
  • Wind and Power Generation
  • UPS, Invertor and Electrical Panel Making
  • Induction Furnaces, Casting and Melting

The industries would not be restricted to the above-mentioned ones and the customers in other industries can count on us as well. To our honor, we are the representative of well-known and trusted European companies and the history of our business cooperation with them prove the quality of their products.

Bahoor Value

Bahoor Partnership: As a part of our reliability, we listen to our customers to come up with the best solution. In difficult situations, we cooperate closely with our customers to find the most constructive solution. Bahoor Precision: As a part of our identity, we provide the products from the trusted companies that meet the very highest technological standards. Bahoor Pioneering Spirit: As part of our responsibility, our engineering team’s steady thought is to anticipate the forthcoming needs of the customers in different industries.

Registration Certificate of Company